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We found ourselves stuck on 405 with an inoperable clutch last Friday. I called right away and talked to Chandra. Chandra and Bill agreed to look at the truck as soon as we could tow it there. We got stuck waiting for the tow company our roadside assistance contracted until we called the tow company Chandra recommended to us. When we got to the shop just before closing time, Bill put it right up on the rack and diagnosed it right away (broken slave cylinder). We got a price quote that was very competitive and they stuck by it. After having our clutch and slave cylinder replaced last March by an incompetent shop, I was extremely pleased to come across such reliable and helpful people. We decided to continue with our weekend trip plans and put our trust in their team. Bill stayed in touch over the weekend and our truck was ready to go when we got back in town. AND IT RUNS BETTER THAN BEFORE! I cannot even begin to thank them enough for being so kind and professional and restoring my faith in people. If I could give them 1000 stars, I would!

Sabrina C.

December, 2017 Local

Took my car to AAMO transmissions and Total Car Care on Tuesday. Received a call from Bill stating my rear differential is broken and needs to be replaced. I thought i have to pay for inspection but Bill said it was free! Wow!! Usually, companies charge up to 300 dollars to diagnose the problem. Love AAMCO!! Mark S

Mark S.

August, 2017 Local

I don't think I can say enough good things about AAMCO. I went after my car's transmission was her king during gear Although I was disappointed to hear my transmission needed rebuilt, I'm so glad that I had Ryan and his amazing staff do it. Was it cheap? No rebuilding transmissions on older cars never is. Ryan charged me am exceedingly fair price. 4K to rebuild an old rusty 06 Pontiacs transmission is a darn good price. It's even more valuable when you factor in the warranty and all that they do afterwards. The quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. He was also straight up about what needed done and his honesty was so appreciated!!! I've also had them do a full name service (calipers, pads and rotors) on the back pads and rotors in the front and a water pump. The car is running amazing! The prices are very fair and again the service is second to none. They have been outstanding through a tough ordeal and that has won them a customer for as, long as they around.

Jami B.

March, 2016 Local

From my 1st initial phone call with Ryan to finding out if AAMCO would be able to help me was wonderful! Very helpful and kept in touch with me in order to bring my truck in. When I came in for my truck to be checked. Ryan greeted me and had great customer service. They were quick and was able to give me some pointers and top off my fluid. Great place!

Joana S.

January, 2016 Local

I had my car taken to AAMPCO because I wasn't sure if it was engine problems or possibly transmission. I wanted to find a place that could help with anything. This is the place. The staff -especially Jennifer- are knowledgeable and helpful. I am so glad I brought my car here.

Julie M.

July, 2015 Local

Took my SUV in because the 4WD wouldn't engage. They said they would diagnose it for free and they did. They checked it out, they were up front when they said they would need more time. They found the problem and fixed it for a reasonable price, which was exactly what I was quoted on the phone. They were honest and the best part was, they explained what had to be fixed without treating me like a "dumb girl" or asking to talk to my husband like so many auto repair places do.

They fixed what I brought it in for and didn't "discover" any new problems or try to talk me into fixing anything else on the vehicle.

I would definitely use this shop again.

Sherrie F.

March, 2014 Local

The transmission blew on our Tahoe last Friday and I had my Mom and 18 month old son in the car. I called and Doug got us to his shop with no problem taking side streets. When we got there, Doug gave us excellent customer service, even entertaining my toddler! His quote was accurate and the car was done before the estimated finish date. Great experience and highly recommended!

Allison F.

December, 2013 Local

Took my car there for a brake job, told me that my brakes were 60% and that I didn't need any work, sent me on my way free of charge!

That's honesty!

Aaron K.

May, 2013 Local